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  4. Terrence launches career home run No. 2
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ILCCC will commence with the official appointment of epf Fund. Herewith an annual selection of extraordinary football talents ‘both male and female’ will be provided with all requirements of a scholarship for education, football training, coaching and ultimately performing, in order to become full professional players. Of course their discipline, focus and perseverance is of utmost importance to achieve the prior stipulated goals.

epf Fund is proud to offer extraordinary talented players, both male and female, the advantage of financial aid for education and professional football. Together with the partnering football clubs, colleges, academies and universities, we intent to provide the best possible environment for talents to concentrate on what they do best, when it comes to educational developments and football as (future) profession.

With professional coaching of epf Fund Partners you will be able to get the best advise to develop your physical and mental abilities alongside with the opportunity to skilfully enhance your extraordinary talent into a powerful toolbox. Via our 360-degree education you are being given the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve your biggest dreams and ambitious goals beside the fact of getting educated for your life both on and off the pitch.

It is unequivocally clear that female football forms a growing segment in the current and future football industry. While the figures within the male section showed a slight growth, while the female sector is increasing faster then ever before. Because of these recent historic facts epf Fund is keen to stand by and provide support to gifted, passionate and determined female talents in order to increase their development and opportunities!