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International Loyalty & Charity Cup Committee hereinafter (“ILCCC”)
Address: Einsteinweg 11 P
Postal Code: 3225 LT Hellevoetsluis
Country: Netherlands – European Union

1.1 International Loyalty and Charity Cup Committee, hereinafter referred to as (“LCCC”) and I AM Productions 2020 are trade names and departments of Stichting Loyalty and Charity Makandra Surinam, hereinafter referred to as (“LCM Makandra SME”), the parent body of Quality Service Content – Human Capital Foundation, hereinafter referred to as (“QSC-HC”) the “Controller”.
1.2 Privacy sensitive data (“personal data” or “data”) are processed via our services. By processing we mean any use made of your personal data, such as storing, altering, transmitting or deleting all or part of those data. We process personal data, for instance, because you use our websites or apps or because you participate in one of our formats and / or productions as a spectator, participant, supplier or corporate partner.
1.3 The controller is QSC-HC a foundation registered with the power and mandate of a private limited liability company, having its registered head quarter at Einsteinweg 11 P, 3225 LT Hellevoetsluis the Netherlands-EU. QSC-HC’s football and media affiliated businesses are:
• Loyalty & Charity Cup “For Fans, Friends and Family”
• “Winter Break Mid-Season Edition”
• “Summer Break Pre-Season Edition”
• I AM productions 2020

We use the following data for the purposes stated in this policy:
Basic data:
• Name and address details;
• Contact details, such as (mobile) telephone number and email address;
• Date of birth and age;
• Sex;
• Participation history; and
• Participant agreements and other agreements;
• Additional specific (Football and TV) production data:
• Civil status and relationship status;
• Data on partner and/or children;
• Work-related data, such as employer, position and income data;
• Payment data, such as invoice address, bank account number and possibly credit card data;
• Data regarding your social media accounts;
• Media (photo, video and audio fragments); and
• Biographical data (your “bio” drawn up by us) and other data that is relevant to the selection or to participation in our programmes.
• Technical data: detailed technical and other data regarding the use of our websites or apps, such as the type of device and device properties, browser type and language, date and time of the interaction, and IP address; and
• Search terms used on our websites or apps.

The data that we use depends on the purpose for which we process the data. Also, we do not use all of your “additional specific (Football and / or TV) production data” referred to above for every (Football and TV) production. That depends on the specific (Football and TV) production. The biographical data and other data that are relevant to the selection or to participation in our football events and programmes may also include special categories of personal data, such as race, ethnic origin, political opinion, beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orientation, health data or criminal data. We are aware of the sensitivity of those data and their possible impact on your privacy. We therefore process those data only on the basis of your consent and we handle all those data with extra care.

Are you below the age of 16? Then you may submit your personal data to QSC-HC only if your parents or guardians have read this policy and given their consent. This applies only if consent is also the grounds for processing. Taking into consideration the available technology, we make reasonable endeavours to check whether your parents or guardians have indeed given their consent.

We primarily obtain data by requesting you to provide them. You yourself can then decide whether or not you wish to provide us with those data, such as the data that you yourself can fill in on one of our websites or apps, for instance in a registration form. It is possible, however, that if you do not wish to provide certain data, you cannot use our services or cannot take part as a participant or an audience member, for instance. One of the reasons for this is that we are also required in that regard to record certain data of yours. When you enter personal data, we state what data are necessary and what data are optional. There are also data that we receive automatically, such as technical and other data regarding the devices that you use. We might obtain those data via cookies and similar techniques.

We use your data for the following purposes:
• To allow us to offer you our services, products and information, or to allow you to participate in them, for instance because you participate in one of our (Football and TV) productions as a participant or an audience member;
• To select suitable participants or spectators for our (Football and TV) productions;
• Because you yourself want us to save your data, for instance because you register to be included in our casting file for selection as a participant or an audience member in future (Football and TV) productions;
• To specifically contact you for participation in football event or programme of QSC-HC, for instance as a participant or an audience member;
• To allow you to place and exchange information via our services, for instance via one of our websites or apps and, if the website or app offers you that possibility, also to contact other users of the service in question;
• To analyse our websites and apps and related technologies, to collect statistics and to maintain, secure and optimise our websites and apps;
• To send you electronic or other commercial messages of QSC-HC, including but not limited to third parties that advertise, sponsor, offer prices, etc. via our services; and
• To comply with applicable laws and regulations.
We solemnly declare that we will not use your data for any than the abovementioned purposes.

We process data because that is necessary to perform an agreement, for instance because the processing is necessary to provide our services. We also process data because we are required to do so by law. Certain legislation obliges us to retain data for a specific period. The Algemene wet inzake rijksbelasting (State Taxes Act), for instance, obliges us to retain payment data for a period of seven years for the Tax Administration. We also process data because we ourselves, or a third party, have a legitimate interest in that processing, such as business interests. In that case we cautiously weigh the appropriate privacy measures.

Finally, we process data on the basis of your consent, for instance when we process special categories of personal data of yours or if we wish to retain data for a long period, such as the data in the client’s, supplier’s and spectator’s database. We also inform you and request your consent before placing / reading cookies and before sending you electronic or other commercial messages.

Your data may be exchanged and combined within QSC-HC affiliates or third party applicants. When processing your personal data, we use third parties that are provided with your data. If possible, we obligate those third parties to act as processors. This means that we determine the purpose and means of the processing and that the processor may handle your data only in accordance with our instructions and our security and other standards. We file / record those agreements with each processor in a data processing agreement. Some of those processors are located outside the EU. Because a similar level of privacy protection is not guaranteed outside the EU, we uphold or will uphold (additional) agreements with those parties. We enter into an approved standard contract of the European Commission (also known as “standard contractual clauses”) with those processors. If the data are transferred to the USA, we also enter into the standard contract, or we do so on the basis of the EU-US Privacy Umbrella.

We use cookies and similar techniques (“cookies”) on our websites and apps. More information on cookies, the specific type of cookies that we use and how you can control those cookies is provided in our Cookie Policy.

We aim to retain personal data only as long as necessary. We have therefore intentionally made an (organisational and technical) distinction between the types of data that we collect. The “basic data” must be retained for as long as is necessary to commercialise our (Football and TV) productions. An exception applies if the law prescribes that we must delete or retain certain data for a longer period then we have foreseen and upheld. With regard to payment data, for instance, the Algemene wet inzake rijksbelasting (State Taxes Act) obliges us to retain those data for a period of seven years for the Tax Administration.

We make every effort to optimally secure the personal data. We do so by taking relevant measures aimed to prevent unauthorised access to the data and alteration, disclosure or loss of the data. If we engage “processors”, we obligate them to handle your data in accordance with our instructions and our security and other standards.

You have the right to inspect, rectify, erase or transmit your personal data. You also have the right to limit or to object to the processing. Finally, please note that you may file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

You may send us a request to exercise your rights at any time. You may do so by sending an email to Please specify in your request, to which personal data your request relates and which right you wish to exercise, and provide evidence to demonstrate that you are the owner of those personal data. We aim to respond to your request within a period of three months.

We may unilaterally amend this Privacy Policy in this “Legal” Documentation. We therefore advise you to regularly check this policy for amendments. If we make major amendments, we will inform you accordingly via our website or an email and request your consent again.

The substantive laws of the Netherlands shall govern the Terms and the relationship between you and ILCCC. All disputes in connection with these Terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.